Hello, I’m Yu Jia. That rhymes with Julia. No, I am not 21, but 2 and 1 are the tones of Yu and Jia when pronounced in Mandarin.

I write poems and code, make photographs and food. I am a cat and dog person.

Born in Singapore, studied in France (applied math + comp. sci.), briefly interned in Tunisia (2 months with Linagora Tunisie) and Canada (4 months at Polytechnique Montréal).

I speak English, 中文, Français; would like to speak Arab and Malay.

I am a Christian, though not one by dint of family tradition – I believe that the bible is trustworthy and that the claims of Jesus Christ about Himself in the gospels were true. Here is a list of churches I have worshiped in for a significant amount of time around the world.

Comme Elle Baroude is where I try to remember my travels. I have also written for Travelettes and We Are Travel Girls, and been featured on HuffPost Maghreb.

All photos are my own unless otherwise stated. Some of my poetry can be found here.