Rissers Beach and Peggy’s Cove

And so soon it was our last day in the Canadian Maritimes. We spent the last night in Rissers Beach Provincial Park, camping in the upper campsite in the middle of an open field, watching the sun set along the boardwalk and beach.


The quiet bay was lovely, dunes and sand in face of a forgotten farmstead with carefree sheep roaming over green hills. The light seemed to be infused with a kind of quiet nostalgia, it was a good place to think back on the past days of adventure.



The next day was rainy as we drove along the lighthouse trail back to Halifax. Lunenberg was a pretty row of colours, but parking was difficult in the rain and we were pressed for time, so we did not stay long. Similarly, the view across the harbour later on in Mahone Bay where there are three church steeples was a little obscured by the bad weather, but was definitely something I’d have liked to see in good weather.


When we reached Peggy’s Cove, the rain held back a little, we got out onto the rocks and wandered around the lighthouse, swarmed with tourists despite the weather.


What I enjoyed was the quiet coast behind it, rocks and white-gray houses a little dim with the clouds, a peaceful respite from the hordes behind us.


Then it was back to Halifax and back to the airport – this Canadian Maritimes roadtrip has been such a full journey filled with incredibly varied sights. I can only wish we had more time in each place, but would also not have left out any part of our itinerary.


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