Kerkouane : Punic ruins by the sea

Kerkouane is the only Phoenician-Punic city on earth not rebuilt by later conquerors. As usual, there were little to no signboards, so I gave reign to my imagination : with what remains of the wide streets and foundations of identically structured houses opening into the central square, it’s not hard to close my eyes and hear life as it was here by the crashing sea come to life.


I was mostly alone here, left to roam over these old stones, after 2 hours in a louage with 9 other people to reach Kelibia, a town famed for her pristine beaches, and then a taxi ride to the ruins.


I was lucky to catch a taxi on my way out, a mother and daughter were just coming in to a building next to the entrance of the ruins. On our way back to Kelibia, we passed by a few smaller towns, stopped and picked up an old lady – apparently cab sharing is normal here, and finally reached Kelibia. I headed in the general direction of the beach, getting a little lost. When I finally reached the water, though, it was all worth it. Kelibia is not famed for nothing – her waters are incredibly clear, and I wish that I could take a dip, but I had not come equipped, and in any case, would not have dared to go into the water while travelling alone.


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