Sousse : a sea of blue

Sousse was the first stop on my “Great Road Trip”, in part because my roommate from Tunis was getting married here. The ceremony itself was rather modernized, aside from the traditional sweets and desserts, as well as the old ladies who cried earsplittingly, “lalalalalala” whenever they got a chance to! (a traditional way of expressing happiness, and truly mastered only by the matriarchs of the … Continue reading Sousse : a sea of blue

Kerkouane : Punic ruins by the sea

Kerkouane is the only Phoenician-Punic city on earth not rebuilt by later conquerors. As usual, there were little to no signboards, so I gave reign to my imagination : with what remains of the wide streets and foundations of identically structured houses opening into the central square, it’s not hard to close my eyes and hear life as it was here by the crashing sea … Continue reading Kerkouane : Punic ruins by the sea